Year: 2011
Role: Research, Methodology, Observations, Concept, Hardware, Software
Collaborators: –
Commissioned by: –

The BOXED project investigates the use of basic interactive objects as tools, which can encourage active play in children’s natural environments. It is grounded on the insights gained from child development, technology for children and a user centered design approach as well as research on emerging relationships between child and interactive objects. To demonstrate and proof how children relate to such objects, I designed and created interactive objects which I evaluated together with children. The goal of the project was to pose questions about basic interaction design, children’s active play and their causal reasoning about interactive technologies.
BOXED are a series of six basic interactive objects, which can be used by children as extensions into the world and which can offer them playful interactions. All of these objects are capable either to sense information out of the environment or to playback information through different channels. By combining one object with another it is possible to create a specific feedback loop &ndash for example when combining movement with color.

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