Interactive Floor


Year: 2012
Role: Concept, Tests, Hardware, Software
Collaborators: Karmen Franinovic, Yon Visell, Florian Wille
Commissioned by: IAD, Musé de la Main

The interactive floor is a tool to study the effects of vibration-feedback which is applied to the feet of people. It consists of separate tiles from which each has a tactile transducer and a pressure sensor on each corner. Through computing the signals from the sensors it is possible to evaluate where somebody is standing on the tile – respectively the whole floor – as well as to estimate how much pressure one is applying. Based on that information a custom realtime software generates different tactile feedback which is presented in the form of vibration to the person standing on the floor. By manipulating the parameters of the software we are able to simulate different surface qualities – from a soft ground to a creaking wooden floor.
The interactive floor was used to test the perception of different vibrotactile feedback on different people. Therefore we created different walking, jumping and standing scenarios which where then tested with single subjects and in an exhibition environment. In 2013 we where also able to use the floor in a course together with students. There we tried to observe the effects of the vibration on the performance of dancers.

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